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Recommended machine configuration

3D simulators rendering will be optimal on a computer or tablet that is configured to display real-time 3D content.

PC Configuration: Windows 10 and +; core i5 processor; 3D dedicated graphics boards
Mac Configuration: OSX 10.14 and +; 3D dedicated graphics board
iPad/iOS: iPad Air and +
Android tablet: dedicated model with 3D display support


An internet connection is always necessary

You must login to your user account to access your simulators.

An internet connection is always necessary to consult the simulators even if you have downloaded the MedicActiV application on your PC / Mac or tablet.

For online simulators, a broadband connection is recommended.

If your connection is too low we recommend to use the native application (PC or Mac).


WARNING: If you experience problems when launching the application, it may be related to a firewall or security software that may block the internet access.

To fix this, you just need to change your filtering network rules on your firewall.


Firewall Network configuration

Environment IP Port Protocole
Loadbalancer 80 & 443 HTTP / HTTPS
Medicactiv platform 80 & 443 HTTP / HTTPS


You may need  to  “whitelist” the following domains in order to allow the application to use Internet connection

Domains (http+https)


Email domain name to “whitelist” for your emailing system:




Using simulators on a browser (online simulators)

These simulators are developed with the “WebGL” 3D technology.

They can only be played on the following browsers:

  • Chrome
  • Firefox
  • Safari
  • Microsoft Edge (Remark: Internet Explorer does not support WebGL and it’s not supported by MedicActiv)


Using simulators on your PC / Mac / Tablet


1) Android tablet installation


The application is downloaded directly from our website.

Click on the Medicactiv_viewer.apk application, then on “Install”.

Once the application is installed (along your other apps), you can launch MedicActiv!


WARNING: You may need to enable third-party downloads from your tablet.

Therefore, go to Settings / Security / Source unknown: “allow the installation of applications from unknown sources” and ENABLE this option.

Android Updates: When the application is updated, a download request will be displayed. Apply the same procedure for this new install. 


2) Installation on IOS tablet

Click on the install button of the application then return to the desktop to get the application.

Launch the MedicActiV application!


WARNING: In order to register the App on your Tablet, you have to authorize it from the Settings panel: 

Go to Settings / General / Device Management

Select “Radiant” then apply “Trust Radiant”


3) PC installation (Windows)

When installing the application, Windows may display an alert notification like “Windows protected your computer”.

In this case, you just need to click on the “Additional Information” link in order to display the installation button.


4) Mac Installation (MacOSX)

You just need to start the program installer with the required rights on your machine.


The display of the images is very slow

You may have a low-end graphic board that is too slow for running 3D applications. 

In order to use the simulators, you may try the following options:

  • download the native application instead of consulting the simulator online
  • Update your graphics drivers (drivers)
  • Once the 3D simulator has been launched
    • Decrease the display resolution of the simulator (by pressing the “Shift” key while clicking on the application during the launch)
    • Enable the “windowed” option (to prevent the full screen mode)
    • Quality settings selection: set a lower rendering mode (from fantastic to beautiful, good, or simple)


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