The 1st digital
simulation platform dedicated
to healthcare training

Consult, create and publish virtual clinical cases with MedicActiV

New clinical case:
Stanford medicine, a vascular medicine
clinical case using virtual reality

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an innovative tool
for more interactive and collaborative training

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Who is MedicActiV for?



Introduce more interactivity to your training with immersive clinical cases



Learn faster in a realistic safe environment

Health professionals

Health professionals

Deepen your experience

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The digital simulation advantage

Enhance patient safety through healthcare medical simulation 

Role playing clinical cases allows learners in graduate or continuing education to develop, refine, and apply knowledge and skills in a realistic situation. By interacting with patients and objects in a situation close to everyday life, digital simulation improves critical thinking, acquisition of automatisms and clinical decision-making skills.

  • Collaborative Education
  • Realistic and immersive
  • Medical Relevance
Avatar-SimforHealth Dialogue with the virtual patient
dossier-medical Medical records consultation
examen-clinique Clinical examination of the virtual patient
analyse Analysis and treatment
synthese Synthesis and debriefing
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Our pitch in Stanford. What a great experience!

Last sunday, on April 23rd, SimforHealth presented her new platform MedicActiV as well as a clinical case of vascular surgery, endowed with virtual reality, in Stanford.

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Stanford Medicine, we’ll be there this Saturday, for the Stanford Ed Conference!

On April 22nd and 23rd, discover SimforHealth at the yearly “Stanford Ed Conference“.

SimforHealth, was held among hundreds of companies of several countries in the world, to present its international platform MedicactiV, dedicated to the creation, the consultation and the distribution of virtual clinical cases,  during the next  “Stanford Ed Conference”.

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