Create a virtual simulator
and share it on your MedicActiV space

We offer two solutions for the creation:
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Create a custom simulator

SimforHealth teams support you through the design stages of your simulator.


Study of your simulator project


Beginning from your pedagogical objective we support you to define the scope of your project.
Whether it is a clinical, procedural, communication or communication simulator or even a simulator for training in the use of a medical device, digital technology makes it possible to explore many educational fields. 

Computer, tablet or virtual reality, we help you determine the technology that will best serve your educational ambition.


Help your project to see the light of day

Our knowledge of the world of health and its actors will be invaluable in helping you identify the solutions that will bring your project to life: financing methods, partnerships, scriptwriters, etc.

A team of talents at your service

Health professionals, educational engineers, developers, project managers…, all the talents are gathered to ensure that your project is built as efficiently and quickly as possible.

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Create your own simulator in complete autonomy

Thanks to the creation tool on the MedicActiV platform,
you are autonomous to create your own medical consultation simulators.



Designed mainly for the initial and continuous training of doctors, medical consultation simulators allow clinical reasoning to be exercised through the virtual patient care pathway


Your learners freely interview the virtual patient, consult his or her medical file, carry out a clinical examination and make their diagnosis by mobilizing their theoretical knowledge. A well-argued answer key allows them to learn from their mistakes

A simple creation process without specific computer knowledge required:


– Select your virtual patient and consultation environment (hospital, office or patient home)


– Choose the stages to compose the consultation (interview, clinical examination, analysis, diagnosis, recommendations, etc.) and integrate sound dialogues, media (images, cardiac and pulmonary sounds, videos, imaging,…) or quizzes.

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The MedicActiV creation tool can be used for free.


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