Whether you are a healthcare educator or not,
you can contribute to the creation of clinical
simulators and publish them on the MedicActiV platform

two solutions are proposed
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Custom virtual simulator development:

SimforHealth offers you help with the graphic and technical fulfillment of your virtual simulator
with a dedicated team of:

– Healthcare professionals
– Educational engineers
– Graphic artists, designers, developers, 3D animators
– Project managers/scientific coordinators

After a discussing the content and dimensions of your case with our team, you will be provided with a study detailing the costs of fulfillment and the conditions of license of use with a proposal of income distribution between your structure and MedicActiV if you decide to sell your virtual simulator on the platform.

Using various pedagogical solutions

– Virtual patients
– Procedural simulators (emergency protocols, nursing…)
– Communication simulators

The access to your simulator can

– Be reserved only for your users identified with their MedicActiV accounts
– Be made available publicly on the MedicActiV Store to generate revenues and make your investment profitable

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Create your own virtual patient with MedicActiV

Create your own virtual patient without technical skills and contribute
to the first international online library of virtual patients. 

MedicActiV was developed in partnership with the University hospital of Angers, Vidal, the LIMSI and Voxygen

MedicActiV’s simulator editor allows the autonomous creation of virtual patients.

    – Select your patient and environment
    – Choose the consultation stage
    – Upload the content: text and media to create the scenario
    – Visualize your virtual patient

Virtual simulators publishing

  • Distributed only o your authorized users
  • Publicly available on the MedicActiV Store with a revenue-sharing model


Take advantage of MedicActiV’s
authoring tool launch offer!

To mark the launch of the authoring tool,
try out our MedicActiV’s platform for 30 days for free

Consult, create and publish* virtual simulators free of charge!
To take advantage of the launch offer, access the platform
and create your account.

*Only available if you are a part of a healthcare organization. To activate it, contact us.

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