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Five demonstration cases corresponding to 10 years of follow-up care on a cardiac patient Please note that the first clinical cases edited by the French University "Centre Hospitalo-Universitaire (CHU) de Bordeaux - France", are only available in French. New cases edited in English from other medical Universities will soon be available on MedicActiV.

Development of cardiovascular pathology of male aged 52-58 years (Family physician)

Cardiovascular development over six years of a patient with multiple risk factors. First consultation for a simple routine medical exam. As the family physician, you will follow the patient over 5 consultations. The patient is also being monitored by his cardiologist: Case – development of cardiovascular pathology of  male aged 57-58 years (Cardiologist).
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Target audience
Medical student, family physician
Cardiological hospital of Haut-Leveque, Bordeaux University Hospital
Publication date
Estimated duration
1 hour 15 minutes
Key words : #hypertension, #dyslipidemia, #smoking, #work stress