Motivational interviewing using digital simulation with the University of Montreal Health Center (CR CHUM)

Training nurses to deliver motivational interviewing to support their patients undergoing treatment for HIV.
This project was led by our teams and the University of Montreal Health Center (ou CR CHU of Montreal).

The CR CHUM, the largest research centre in biomedical sciences and health care at the Université de Montréal, is offering nursing cases via MedicActiV. This partnership supports the CR CHUM’s development project to implement and evaluate the training of nurses taking care of people living with HIV, through a virtual clinical case.

This pilot clinical case will enable Canadian nurses to acquire skills, through our MedicActiV platform, particularly in motivational interviewing techniques, a pre-monitoring interview on patients’ adherence to antiretroviral drugs.

Motivational interviewing is a counseling approach developed to help patients face change. Indeed, many patients can have ambivalent reactions when faced with major changes in their health.
This ambivalence is considered to be a very powerful obstacle to making behavior changes.

Gaining experience in delivering motivational interviews is therefore crucial to learning the techniques of this demanding and necessary counseling approach.

The University of Montreal Health Center along with Mrs. Rouleau called on SimforHealth to develop a pedagogical tool dedicated to training nurses who care for HIV patients undergoing treatment.

For more information please listen to Mrs. Rouleau’s interview as she describes how this exciting project is evolving.


MedicActiV is creating speech therapy trainings more efficient

Discover 3 clinical cases developed with Professor Peggy Gatignol, director of teaching in the Department of Speech Therapy of the  Université Pierre et Marie Curie (UPMC) in Paris.

With the project of supporting the training of UPMC speech therapy students, the SimforHealth team and Professor Peggy Gatignol have created 3 virtual clinical cases which their students can access via the MedicActiV platform.

These cases, consisting of 2 to 4 consultations, are specific to 3 teaching units in the UPMC speech therapy training program.

  • The case of Mathias, aged 10 years, who suffers from dyslexia.
  • The case of Claire, aged 34, who was a victim of serious head injury sustained in a road accident and now suffers from aphasia.
  • The case of Mathilde, aged 44, who suffers from deafness and is consulting her speech therapist to have a cochlear implant fitted.

During the virtual consultations, the students can converse with their patients, establish their profile, carry out examinations such as reading tests, spoken language assessment, a “BREV” (cognitive function) test and many other investigations which the students can access as often as they wish.

These virtual clinical cases therefore allow the students to immerse themselves in a genuine learning environment.

Professor Gatignol wanted to make these 3 cases available, not only to supplement the training of the 600 speech therapy students at UPMC, but also to be able to follow up their progress and achievements.

Indeed, throughout the clinical cases, the students are offered quizzes. As the supervisor of these students, Professor Gatignol can access all the results of these, via the MedicActiV platform.

That enables her to follow their progress but also to see which questions often cause problems so that he can go back over them in class. This also facilitates the broader educational aim of correcting and improving the training program in place.

Feedback from students who have tried out these virtual clinical cases is very positive and we are very proud to be supporting health professionals at the heart of their training.

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The first virtual clinical case in neurology

During the development of a virtual clinical case based on a stroke victim, our teams were able to have a discussion with Professor Dehail, co-author of the case,

“How did you become acquainted with digital simulation in health care and why were you attracted by this technology?”

When we were thinking hard about how to create a health care simulation platform at Bordeaux, with various traditional andinnovative tools, the University Hospital of Bordeaux wanted to develop some “serious games” with the aim of complementing the educational curriculum of medical students.

There are,  though, some very special constraints at the Bordeaux faculty, because of the very large number of students, which represent the second largest “2nd cycle” (clinical phase) cohort in France.

We therefore had to create a shared platform, including the SimforHealth proposal with “serious games”, because that was a way to reach all the students.

At Bordeaux, not all students in the “2nd cycle” have access to all the flagship clinical services.

It was in this context that we wanted to incorporate “serious games” into the curriculum as a complementary training opportunity.

The stroke case was built up around the curricular components of the “second cycle” which are shared by all students in France.

“Why did you choose to create a case about stroke in particular?”

In 2017, stroke is a condition which future doctors must have knowledge of. As a doctor, one has to be familiar with stroke because it is a key component of the neurology curriculum. 

The idea therefore was to offer this case to all Bordeaux students on an open platform like e-learning.

“What learning outcome do you want future doctors to achieve thanks to this virtual clinical case?”

Given the very large number of “2nd cycle” students, they cannot all do a clinical placement in neurology and will not all have the opportunity to see a real stroke case. The aim of this virtual clinical case is therefore to use virtual reality to train students in the management of stroke, even if they have not seen one in real life. 

The idea is, in partnership with SimforHealth, to create a training platform for medical students in the “2nd cycle”, with a view to possibly extending it to the paramedical professions, and then to interns. The Medical Faculty at Bordeaux wants to target all students in the “2nd cycle” and the official medical curriculum.

Other virtual clinical cases are in the process of development and will be added to the educational curriculum of “2nd cycle” students at Bordeaux.

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Virtual clinical case : Woman of 40 years, with shoulder pain (General Medicine)

Using our authoring tool – MedicActiv – SimforHealth has created several virtual clinical cases, working with the University Hospital of Angers, an establishment which is very active in digital simulation in health and, notably, has its own simulation center.

One of the cases developed with this authoring tool recounts several consultations with Mrs Duchemin, aged 40, a virtual patient specially created for this Family Practice case. This patient suffers from shoulder pains as well as stabbing pain in the throat. In the initial phase of development, Dr Cyril Begue and Dr Clément Guineberteau – chief residents in family medicine at the University Hospital of Angers – wrote out the clinical scenario for the case.

Divided into 4 consultations, the case scenario was then entered into the authoring tool, with the assistance of the SimforHealth teams. Dr Bègue shared his impressions with us:

“It is a platform which is quite intuitive and yet at the same time one always wants to add possibilities for more interaction. For medical students, it is a tool which allows them to become immersed in a clinical situation. It is an attractive tool.

“Working step by step using the authoring tool, the creators of the case were able to choose the environment, the age, sex and origin of their virtual patient, and also all the questions relating to the doctor/patient conversations.

This tool – which has an educational objective – also enabled various quizzes to be set up throughout the consultations. The correct answers appear at the end of each consultation and allow the knowledge and achievements of the learners to be assessed.
Developed with 2 principal objectives, this case is aimed in particular at family practice residents, but also at family physicians in practice.

Indeed, this case enables one to become immersed in a consultation in a virtual reality setting. It provides an opportunity to reflect on clinical reasoning, initiation of treatment (rational prescribing and awareness of iatrogenic disease*) and to understand the particular features of work in family practice. Several cases have been created thanks to the collaboration with the University Hospital of Angers and in particular Professor Granry.

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[Healthy Simulation] MedicActiV: Innovative Platform to Create & Share Virtual Clinical Cases

We all know there is a gap between theoretical clinical training and physicians’ real-life experience. Students and health professionals must be given the opportunity to work on as many real-life cases as possible, before facing a real patient. Current classical training methods do not fit the rapid growth of medical knowledge. And clearly, medical education needs more realistic and immersive instructional technologies to prepare tomorrow’s clinicians.

SimforHealth, a leading provider of virtual solutions for medical education has created a new way to enhance medical education: The MedicActiV Platform.

MedicActiV is a digital simulation platform, like an international library of virtual clinical cases in any discipline. Healthcare education institutions or healthcare professionals can consult them, and also have the opportunity to create their own virtual clinical case with MedicActiV authoring tool. Once created, they can share it on the platform.


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[Healthy Simulation] SimforHealth Chosen As eHealth Innovator at CES 2017

SimforHealth, in its first appearance at the event, was nominated for its first emergency pulmonological virtual clinical case, developed with the HTC Vive headset and created in partnership with the Medical Simulation Center at Nice Medical School. This selection is a real honor for the company and a reward for SimforHealth’s international expansion and desire to develop alongside other players in the healthcare industry with its digital simulation training solutions.


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MedicActiV will be presented at the SESAM 2017! 

The SESAM conference, is a key moment in the sector at the international level co-organised this year with SofraSims.

SofraSims, the French Society for Simulation in Health, is bringing together 24 representatives from various medical and paramedical specialties and disciplines from across the French-speaking world. The main objective is to promote and more broadly highlight the use of simulation in all areas of healthcare. 

Its president, Professor JC. Granry, with the support of the Director of Angers University Hospital, has greatly contributed to developing our online library of clinical cases and the authoring tool MedicActiV.

For these 3 days, our teams of experts will be there to present you our platform of virtual clinical cases.

SimforHealth, an expert in the field of digital simulation for healthcare training will be attending both as an exhibitor (Stand EX31) and as an invited speaker at two sessions:

 Thursday June 15 at 10:30, amphi Weiss – presentation of our abstract in the category “ Expert Panel ” – Medical education: scaling up international production and diffusion of virtual medical cases via the MedicActiv platform

Presentation by Sophie Campion, Head of the international project / pharmacist at SimforHealth(@ePharmaphie)
Demonstration of a virtual clinical case presented with Stanford University


 Friday June 16 from 9:00, appointment for a second highlight dedicated to innovations in simulation, in the SoFraSims session.

Presentation by Jérôme Leleu, President of SimforHealth (@jeromeleleu)

Our teams will be ready to greet you at Booth EX31 for discussions about MedicActiV and for you to discover the potential of this platform, which is available on a trial offer for 4 months, for creation, consultation and publishing.

Visitors to our space will also be able to try out clinical cases in virtual reality using an HTC Vive headset. Immersed in the heart of the action, you will discover how digital simulation can become a real asset for your initial or continuing training.


Virtual clinical case : Male 52-58 years old – Cardiovascular progression (General practitioner)

As part of its partnership with the University Hospital of Bordeaux, and with the collaboration of Dr François Picard (cardiologist at the University Hospital and at Haut-Leveque hospital), the SimforHealth team have developed a series of clinical cases specific to cardiology.

The case presented in this article is a virtual clinical case split into 5 consultations, spread over “6 years in the life of the patient”. It enables both aspiring and currently-practising health professionals to train in this sort of situation via our MedicActiV platform.

Once connected to MedicActiV, you will find Mr Plantier, your virtual patient, specially created for this case, who is consulting a family physician following a request from his company to have a preventive health check-up.

It turns out that Mr Plantier does not have a personal family physician and has not been seen by a doctor for 15 years.  “You can see, I am fit”, he jokes.

The first consultation starts with taking the patient’s history.

“What is your family history?” “Have you had any surgery?” “Are you a smoker?”  “Do you suffer from high blood pressure or diabetes?” ……

All these questions, written by Dr François Picard and entered into our authoring tool with the help of our teams, allow the learner to practise speaking with the patient.

During this first consultation, a clinical examination will also be carried out on Mr Plantier by “you”, the health professional, but in a virtual manner. Procedures such as palpating the abdomen, or taking a blood pressure reading, are played out in digital simulation, thanks to our MedicActiV tool.

All through the various consultations, you can access the patient’s medical file, find out his surgical history and his life-style, and acquaint yourself with the blood tests and x-rays which you have requested.

At the end of the consultation, a quiz will allow you to check your answers, and if negative, corrections will be provided with comments from the case author.

At the end of the case, which takes around 30 minutes, you will find all the questions and actions taken during the consultation.

To perfect your training, you will have available the answers, as well as complementary explanations plus literature and on-line references.

To discover mister Plantier’s pathology, create your account on our platform MedicActiV within 3 minutes and take advantage of our 4 months of free trial on more than 6 clinical cases available for free.

Discover how does the case look like and take care of M Plantier.

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New clinical case with Stanford, a vascular medicine clinical case using virtual reality.

On April 22nd and 23rd, SimforHealth, was held among hundreds of companies of several countries of the world, to present its international platform MedicActiV, dedicated to the creation, the consultation and the distribution of virtual clinical cases, during the  “Stanford Ed Conference“, a conference on the future of medical education at the intersections of people, technology and design.

During its pitch, SimforHealth exposed its first clinical case in virtual reality of vascular medicine, in the category “Embracing New tech opportunities”, with the cooperation of Doctor Aalami, Clinical Associate Professor and Vascular Surgeon, Dr Fougerouse and Dr Goehrs MD – MSc Biomedical Informatics.

This case has for main educational objective to learn to use the mini-invasive therapeutic options to handle the aneurysm of the abdominal aorta ( AAA), and to understand the contributions of a guide by ultrasound.

Divided into 4 consultations, this simulation of clinical case allows a dumping in a virtual decoration of doctor’s cabinet or in an operating room. Instead of a vascular surgeon, the student or the connected healthcare professional can receive a patient in a virtual consultation. 

This male patient of 65 years, came on one year before for a small-sized aneurysm (< 5 cms) as an aneurysm of the abdominal aorta. During the virtual clinical case, he will then have to be redirected towards an operation and the learner can realize in virtual reality using the correct device like the HTC Vive.A dumping in the consultation of a doctor and in the operating block, was developed thanks to the platform of MedicActiV, to allow the trainee to practice in the case of an abdominal aneurysm of the aorta and in the preparation before an operation for the installation of a stent.

Doctor Oliver AALAMI presented this clinical case during a pitch for the Ed Conference. Juste have a look…

During this conference, the team of SimforHealth also presented the evolution of its new platform MedicActiv with a the major capital gain of, which is the opportunity to have a tool author for virtual clinical cases.

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The new MedicActiV authoring tool: intuitive and collaborative.

As a tool dedicated to initial and continuing training in healthcare, MedicActiV is comparable to a library of virtual clinical cases. Students and professionals already working in healthcare sectors in all disciplines have access to cases developed by multi-disciplinary SimforHealth teams in partnership with healthcare professionals in training institutions with educational needs.

6 virtual clinical cases are available to access free of charge to gain an understanding of its uses and in April 2017 the platform is showcasing 3 new features:

  • An authoring tool allowing virtual clinical cases to be created independently
  • Clinical cases in virtual reality

With our free virtual clinical cases to ensure understanding of its uses, in April 2016, the platform released two new features:

  • An authoring tool allowing the independent creation of virtual clinical cases
  • Clinical cases in virtual reality

Availability of an authoring tool

Without any prior computer knowledge and in a totally intuitive way, a healthcare professional can create a virtual clinical case. The author selects a virtual patient (male, female, age, 3D environment etc.), defines the stages of the consultation, submits the information needed to carry out the clinical case (medical record, clinical examination, treatments, recommendations) then the rendering of the clinical case begins. MedicActiV generates the virtual consultation by integrating all the defined data, rendering them in 3D and integrating the contribution of the speech synthesis and the conversational agent so that the consultation is closer to reality. If the clinical case is already drawn up, its virtual creation lasts only one hour.

Once it has been created, the author can choose to publish it (or not) to learners in the MedicActiV library in private or public mode. In the latter case, any healthcare training institution or individual can consult the case*.

Integration of Virtual Reality clinical cases

The MedicActive library is made up of virtual clinical cases which work on tablets and computers, including cases in cardiology developed by the University of Bordeaux, for example. For educational needs and the needs of various disciplines, virtual reality provides a solution with even higher levels of immersion and engagement. To meet these needs, MedicActiV has continued to develop by offering cases which work on HTC Vive, virtual reality headsets.



Until September 2017

To mark the launch of the authoring tool, a trial of the MedicActiV platform is available during 4 months.

Consult, create and publish clinical cases free of charge!

To take advantage of the launch offer, go to the platform access and create your account in less than 3 minutes.

*pricing conditions. Contact us :


Our pitch in Stanford. What a great experience!

Last Sunday, on April 23rd, SimforHealth presented her new platform MedicActiV, as well as a clinical case of vascular surgery, endowed with virtual reality, in Stanford.

Co presented by Dr Clement Goerhs and Dr Aalami – Clinical Associate Professor and Vascular Surgeon in Stanford and co-author of the clinical case- this pitch of 15min greatly applauded, certified us to confirm the needs and legitimacy of the digital simulation in health.
More information on this video. 

MedicActiV, is creating training courses for radioprotection

Collaborating with the company Esprimed, SimforHealth pursues the deployment of its platform on MedicActiv with a collection of virtual clinical cases dedicate to the radioprotection.

Esprimed, company of trainings specialized in the radioprotection for the healthcare professionals in in-service training, wished to develop and to implement innovative trainings thanks to virtual clinical cases realized in digital simulation.

Through the platform MedicActiv, Esprimed wishes to allow the practitioners and the healthcare professionals to form in an innovative and operative trainings.

Thanks to a special and unique e-learning training divided into 21 items, the learners could be the actors of their training. They are proactive.
Valued thanks to the analysis of their attitudes and reactions that they had during the virtual clinical cases, the learners are also considered thanks to a multiple-choice questionnaire which learners could fill in during the cases.

Every element estimated during this training is connected to a skill through a quotation (number of point). Every decision or action of the learner during these virtual clinical cases, can modify the result of the training. Free to return when they want, and if they wish it on the platform MedicActiv, the healthcare professionals, learners with Esprimed, can return on the clinical virtual cases as much as they wish it.

Comparing to a classical training, the training developed by Esprimed in collaboration with SimforHealth, allows the healthcare professionals to be more receptive and focused to a case study, in a situation of apprenticeship.

The training, playful thanks to a virtual patient, allows a training more interactive.
At the end of the exercise supported by these virtual clinical cases, every learner is estimated thanks to a final multiple-choice questionnaire.

With MedicActiV, Esprimed can easily send and coordinate his training courses to 18000 potential learners.
Next Wednesday, on April 26th, during the 4th annual conference of SimforHealth, you can discover the first case realized in association with Esprimed.

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NB: A project followed by SimforHealth and Claire Van Ngoc Ty & Guillaume Bonniaud from Esprimed.

MedicActiV, the new platform for the training of the general practitioners in Québec.

For its 4th yearly conference, on April 26th, SimforHealth and the FMOQ (federation of the general practitioners of Quebec) are going to begin the elaboration of a virtual clinical case which will be available soon on the platform of digital simulation, MedicActiV.

Supported by the signature of a partnership between these 2 international companies, the platform MedicActiv will count soon some new virtual clinical cases.

The FMOQ, the union association representing all the doctor’s general practitioners of Quebec, counts more than 9500 members included in 19 associations.  The main mission of the FMOQ is to negotiate with the governmental authorities about the conditions of exercise of the doctor’s general practitioners with the aim of improving the offer of care and services, in the network of the health.
The training is so an omnipresent part of the objectives.

The wish to develop virtual clinical cases on MedicActiV also participates to the request of the FMOQ being able to offer an uninterrupted evaluation to the healthcare professionals in Quebec.

Thanks to these virtual clinical cases, qualified evaluations can be implemented and will allow the healthcare professionals to put themselves in virtual situation of diagnosis, therapeutic decision-making and management of a patient to optimize their knowledge, and to help them to develop their skills These online trainings will also permit to modify and to improve some clinical behaviour.

The FMOQ and SimforHealth are going to part very soon their expertise and their know-how to create and develop a virtual clinical case which will be about a patient reached of cluster headache.

Through this partnership with SimforHealth, the digital simulation in Continuous Professional Development makes its entrance to the FMOQ.

His members as well as all the Canadian doctors with the cooperation of MedicActiV, can reach the first “Canadian Virtual Center of Digital Simulation in Health”.

Becoming an international library on line of virtual clinical cases in several medical masteries, the use of MedicActiV allows not only all the healthcare professionals to acquire and to improve knowledge in initial or continuous training, but it also offers the option to Training organizations in health, to create, to develop and to spread their own clinical cases.

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SimforHealth takes MedicActiv platform to CES® Las Vegas

Selected for its innovative solutions, la French Tech member, SimforHealth will present the potential of virtual reality in health education from its “Health & Wellness” stand from January 5 – 8. The team will perform an exclusive demonstration of its first virtual clinical emergency case in pneumology with the HTC Vive helmet, created in partnership with the Center for Medical Simulation at the Faculty of Medicine, Nice, developed in collaboration with Harvard Medical International.

Visitors will be immersed in a hospital scenario and will play the role of a physician, taking care of a patient brought to the emergency room with chest pain.

This virtual clinical case will perfectly demonstrate endless possibilities of new technologies in initial and continuing healthcare training. Serious games, virtual consultations, 3D simulations, digital simulation solutions enable the active, immersive and realistic learning essential to complete healthcare training and meet the ethical recommendation of the French National Authority for Health- “Never the first time with the patient”.

Beyond virtual reality, SimforHealth will present MedicActiV, its international platform for the consultation and dissemination of virtual clinical cases at CES® Las Vegas.

To find the full press release, clic here.

MedicActiV wins the “Caliber” prize at the Francophone Awards for Educational Digital Technology

In the era of mobility and changing education methods, the 5th International e-Education Symposium, organized on the initiative of Ecole supérieure de l’éducation nationale, de l’enseignement supérieur et de la recherche (ESENESR), is also a chance to strengthen links between France and Quebec.

MedicActiV, the first digital simulation platform dedicated to initial and continuing healthcare training, was nominated for the Francophone Awards for Educational Digital Technology [Trophées francophones du numérique pour l’éducation] and won the “Caliber” [Envergure] prize, which recognizes excellence in projects that combine digital technology and pedagogy in the Francophone world.

The SimforHealth team was there in Canada and is proud to have been able to present MedicActiV at this event, dedicated to learning in a mobile context and the transformation of educational organizations.