What is the authoring tool?

The author tool is a creation tool. It allows you to create medical consultation simulators independently for the practice of clinical reasoning; it is therefore mainly intended for medical trainers or teachers.
The use of the authoring tool is free of charge; the distribution of simulators to learners requires a subscription. 

This tool does not require any specific computer knowledge. To use it you will have to write a scenario concerning the management of a patient through one or more consultations (a simulator can consist of 1 to 5 consultations).

Consultations can be either general medical, specialist or pre- or post-operative consultations (anaesthesia, surgery). 

A template is provided to help you compose the scenario while respecting the structure requested by the software.

The main steps in creating a medical consultation simulator are as follows: 

  • Choosing the patient’s avatar
  • Choice of setting (hospital, private or home visit)
  • Choice of consultation steps from the proposed steps
  • Step settings (dialogues, quizzes, clinical examinations, etc.)
  • Synthesis writing
  • Possibly, creation of other consultations on the same model
  • Publication of the simulator